Throwing Three Balls in the Air to Get a Straight Line (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts), 1973 — John Baldessari

Francis Bacon, Study for Portrait II (After the Life Mask of William Blake), 1955.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Scan from Sweater Lodge.

ernest protasiewicz
[probably one of my favorite current photographers, along side eric ruby and henry roy. quiet, yet focused work. so many people wanna shoot this style well, but they end up being too nostalgia driven with eggleston and goldin fanfiction pieces sprouting up, left and right, but when those three get the light right, it is on. so on. it is powerful without theory and with it. always excited to see what they make because it lacks a sense of constant narcissism and ego a lot of photographers possess. ~always searching for art that’s for art’s sake, not for who made it~ ~art ain’t about you~]

Luigi Ghirri